3D Modeling & Design

the long and short of it

I grew up in southern California in a great little area called Santa Ynez Valley, just north of Santa Barbara. I moved to Silicon Valley for school and got my first jobby-job offer early in my senior year ("Jobby-job" means a job that gets you out of your parent's house). It was with DT Production, a new and energetic game development company. This is where I cut my teeth in 3d modeling and animation and really enjoyed it. Although, after several years I realized if I wanted a family, a house more than 200 sq ft, and a commute that's less than 2 hours, California was not the place for me.

I rolled the dice and moved to Orlando. I had friends here and visited several times before and enjoyed Florida so it wasn't a difficult decision. Plus my bride-to-be wanted to go so I really didn't have much of a choice... whataya gonna do.

Anyhoo, after settling in I soon found work with a local game company. Unfortunately, I wasn't too fond of the Bill Lumbergh moments: "Uhh listen Richi, I'm gonna need you to come in tomorrow to catch up on some work. And uh, why don't you go ahead and come in on Sunday too... umkay?" To be honest game development wasn't working for me anymore and it just felt like I was spinning my wheels. Then I discovered Simulation & Training. I immediately knew the future was wide open, and Orlando was the premiere areas for this growing industry.

I suppose I'm just beginning the "third phase" of my career; I've gone independent and started my own company. I enjoy working with others and I'm even open to going back full time for the right company but in the last several years I saw a need that I can fill. Companies big and small often need custom 3d models built quickly, with the highest quality, and inexpensive. The "Project Triangle" model states you must take away one (good, fast, & cheap), my goal is to break the model and deliver all three. Or, at least, get closer than my competition.